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update log

07.26.2023 mega update! i redid everything heh. check out the newsletter in 'site info' for more details.

07.08.2023 new index. im losing the 'dont redo your entire site' battle rn btw

06.27.23 revamped about and links page Anyone else not a fan of when you update everything in one go and the css doesnt show up for a good 30 mins

06.20.23 madomagi shrine and ramblings page UP!

06.15.23 scrapped the previous index bc i was not satisfied w it at all and it discouraged me from working on my site lolol heres a simple one for now

06.11.23 adjustments to index

05.23.23 made links page

05.18.23 made new about page

05.17.23 made new and much better index page

05.14.23 blocked in about page

05.13.23 site was created